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These movies highlight how much fun it is to play.

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Stone Zamir Parker


First formal jewelry class: 1992

"you could make a living at this"  and that was it!

Wedding rings since 1994


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H Magazine

(December 2012 edition)


 Magazine article on jewelry designers who use green products.

This is who we are...


We operate out of a solar and wind powered home/art studio near Stevens Pass, Washington.  If you want a custom wedding ring, or some sort of personal wearable piece of art to match your vibe, this is my specialty.    We create personal jewelry with a modern, strong and timeless style.  Specialties include:  Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, MokumeĀ“GaneĀ“(wood grain metal), Mountain and Ocean landscapes, People Dancing, Animal Totems(Raven, Eagle, Wolf etc...), Fire, Stars, Drift Wood Edges, and the Mystic.  

Say hello to the Parkers!  Stone love to make custom Wedding bands

This is who we are

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Stone has made hundreds of wedding rings.  Wedding rings are a symbol of who you are, and what you mean to each other, lets create this symbolic ring together.