snow flakes, and stars, all from recycled metals

mountain, river and a star in the sky.

Everyone wants to know how much $?  This is unique to every ring, some rings have recycled metals and some people reuse the stones from parents or grandparents. On average, most couples spend $2000-$5000, some people spend more, some spend a lot more, and still, some spend less.  It is nice to come up with a budget, and let us work around your number.  I have great resources for blood free, or ethical diamonds and other gem stones.  Also, I use almost 100% recycled metals, or Harmony Metals.  I would consider trades for things like dirt bikes, snowmobiles, 4x4 camper vans, solar panels, mountain bikes or a concrete work(foundation or skate).

Organic, natural, nature inspired jewelry, drift wood edges, soft and strong.  Comfort fit.

Mountains, Trees, Sun and Moon

Surf inspired, these good people got married on Kawaii.

Sun rise or sunset these two fly together!

rose gold, white gold and silver mokume rings

rose gold, yellow gold and silver

Star light, Star bright- what do you wish for tonight?

18k gold mokume sunset over the Puget Sound

Include the mountains, the stars, the ocean, and a little bling, or keep it simple and symbolic - you are in charge.

Custom Wedding Bands


If you are on this page it is probably because you are in love, and have found someone special - Congrats! You are also here because you want something special, unique, custom, personal to you and who you are, and handmade.  Nothing could be more fun to design than unique and personal custom wedding bands.  We can work with you to meet your budget and make your ideas come to life!
Call or email for a consultation and cost estimate.

The wedding ring maker story-

It was 1994, I was in college, taking classes from the inspirational David LaPlantz, where I was commissioned to make 2 custom made wedding rings, then another, it was pointed out to me that "...your good at this, you could make a living at it."   Now, over 20 years later, I am still doing it!  I love making rings, it is a great way to take the theme of your life and tie it into this symbol of who you are.

Wedding rings are a symbol of your love and and it should match who you are. 

This is your life, your dream - make it what you want! 

Stone Zamir Parker

Jewelry Artist